TS3 CC: Medieval Market Crates


These crates can be found under ‘sculptures’ and the wood is CASt-able. There are two versions of each crate included in the package, you can install them all or pick and choose:

* Cinderelli_CC_TS3_MedievalTomatoCrate
* Cinderelli_CC_TS3_MedievalVegetableCrate

(These are sculptures and are base-game compatible)

* Cinderelli_CC_TS3_MedievalTomatoCrate_StorageChest
* Cinderelli_CC_TS3_MedievalVegetableCrate_StorageChest

(These use the code from the World Adventures treasure chests, so you can use them for storage. The expansion is required. The ‘Look Inside’ option will not work, but you can use the ‘Open’ option to store your items.)

Download Here!






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