TS4 Download: Skylight Roof Pieces

10-25-15_5-20-28 PM

Here are several roof pieces converted from the Skylight Dance Studio. They can be found under sculptures. You will need to use the ‘bb.moveobjects on’ cheat to place them properly. They do not have a ‘cut out’, they’re just deco. They come in 3 basic colours: white, blue, and red.

Download Here! (SimFileShare)

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Placement Guide:

Placing these deco roof pieces can be a bit tricky, so here are a few steps to get you started!

* Turn on the bb.moveobjects cheat.

* Build a small room. Since the pieces are 3×3 you’ll need to make the room in multiples of this size. For now, make the room a small 3×3 square.

10-25-15_5-22-19 PM

* Click on the ceiling to delete it. Then also delete the floor.

10-25-15_5-22-28 PM

10-25-15_5-22-35 PM

* Find the very low border fence and pick a similar colour to the roof pieces you’ve chosen. Replace the walls with the fence. (You can’t just delete the walls as this affects the room above and makes it harder to position the roof pieces on the next level)

10-25-15_5-22-47 PM

10-25-15_5-22-59 PM

* Place the roof pieces around the outside of the room, starting with the flat pieces, and then filling in with the corner pieces.

10-25-15_5-23-24 PM

10-25-15_5-23-41 PM

* Now the outside is done, you can go up a level and place the top piece.

10-25-15_5-24-26 PM

10-25-15_5-24-29 PM

* Now you can place a door! Delete one of the side pieces and replace the wall. You can now place doors and windows. ^__^

10-25-15_5-24-44 PM

10-25-15_5-24-54 PM

10-25-15_5-25-06 PM

10-25-15_5-25-12 PM

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