TS4 Download: Medieval Market

This content is no longer supported!!!

However, SatiSims has created some recolours here [Mod the Sims].

10-09-15_2-46-22 PM

The Sims Medieval market stalls are some of my favourite items in the game! I love anything rustic or farmy, so I had to have these for the Sims 4! I can’t wait to make a farmer’s market with these goodies! Woo! \o/

And if you use these in your game I’d love to see your builds! You can always share your screenshots with me on Twitter. ^__^

There are lots of items in this set besides the market stands including fruit and veg barrels, crates and baskets. A quick sensitivity warning before you view the pics: since this is a historical set there are some dead rabbits and birds, as well as some other types of meat. If you don’t like these items you can easily just delete them as I have labelled each individual file clearly.

Please read the instructions below on opening and closing the market stands.

There are a lot of items in this set, and I did start to go a bit cross-eyed while converting them all. I checked them in game and they all seem fine, but if you do find any issues please let me know. We all derp sometimes. >__<

(Also… I have no idea why that cheese is so big. It just is. *shrugs*)

Finally, if anyone wants to retexture items, separate meshes, or add slots to the market stalls… or whatever… please let me know! I’d love to see what people do with these!

10-09-15_2-46-48 PM

10-09-15_2-47-11 PM

10-09-15_2-47-38 PM

10-09-15_2-48-02 PM

10-09-15_2-48-13 PM

10-09-15_2-48-22 PM

10-09-15_2-48-28 PM

How to Open and Close the Market!

The market comes in separate pieces: the empty stalls; the stock; and the ‘closed’ curtain. The market stalls do not have any slots, they are decorative. If anyone wants to edit them and add slots to make them function as GTW stall, that would be awesome and I’d kiss your beautiful faces! ❤

First place the empty stall. Then use the 'bb.move objects on' cheat to place the stock in position. If you let the stall and items snap to the grid, they should line up easily. The stalls and items are named so you should be able to match them up.

To make the stalls look closed (not every day is market day!) delete the stock and place the separate curtain item across the stall.

10-09-15_2-49-25 PM

10-09-15_2-49-54 PM

10-09-15_2-50-24 PM

10-09-15_2-51-03 PM

10-09-15_2-51-14 PM

10-09-15_2-51-38 PM

10-09-15_2-52-12 PM

Building your own Market Stall!

You can set up a working stall for your sims at the market! You will need to own the retail lot (*sigh*) but you can imagine your Sims’ stall is part of a bigger market.

Turn on the bb.moveobjects on cheat. Place two columns three tiles apart, then place an awning in between them, then place another on the back-side. Put tables under your awning side-by-side to make your market. And place your items for sale as you normally would with GTW! \o/ You will probably need to shift items up and down using the 9 and 0 buttons, especially while placing the awning.

Check the images below for examples of a completed and broken-up stall.

10-09-15_2-52-32 PM

10-09-15_2-52-55 PM

You can also find more gorgeous farmer’s market items at Oh My Sims 4!

And more cheeeeeeeeeeeese by Tinkle!

Martine has just uploaded a lovely sign for festivals which will be perfect for farmer’s markets!

And if you haven’t already discovered Budgie I highly recommend stalking her site for amazing community lots, lovely stories, and lots of great ideas!

Happy Simming!

This content is no longer supported!!!

However I have combined all the Medieval & Statue conversions into one large UNSUPPORTED file to make them available to other creators for their projects. Available here! DO NOT INSTALL UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND HAVE BACKED UP YOUR SAVE FILES!!!

13 thoughts on “TS4 Download: Medieval Market

  1. hi! i don’t know if you have other way for contacting you, but i haven’t find one. i’ve retextured and edited some of the meshes (just one stall, the deco food of the vegetables that goes into the stall). i haven’t added slots yet but i would like to share those things once finished. Can i? thanks! my page is inabadromance.tumblr.com . Care you send me the reply there? i hardly check my inbox


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