TS4 Download: Functional Pulpits

ATTENTION!!!  Due to the October 27th 2016 update, the Politics versions of the podiums may no longer be functional.  Zerbu has put the Politics mod on hold for now.   I am, however, planning on updating these podiums when I get City Living.  Please remove the existing ones from your game for now.  Thank you for your patience.  ❤


10-07-15_1-53-34 PM

On my mission to CONVERT ALL THE THINGS! o/ I stumbled across the pulpits from The Sims Medieval. I personally think they are really pretty and loved the idea of having a larger variety of podiums in my game. I gave both the two podiums six recolours each, so you can use them for churches, weddings, universities, politics, debates, well-being groups, debates, rallies, festivals, spooky crypts, whatever! I cloned the first set of podiums on a microphone, so sims can tell jokes on them. Then I had a EUREKA moment and made another set that point to Zerbu’s Politics code! The Politics Version has Zerbu’s new podium interactions available on them, such as ‘rant’, ‘practice debating’ and ‘practice influence’. I find the politics version much more useful but both versions are included in the file, and you can use all of them if you wish without conflicts.

* The microphone versions work with the base game.

* Zerbu’s Politics mod is required for the politics versions!

Download Pulpits Here!

Peteran Pulpit:
(Available in microphone and politics versions)

10-07-15_2-28-26 PM

Jacoban Pulpit:
(Available in microphone and politics versions)

10-07-15_2-27-33 PM

Ideas for use:

* Church

10-07-15_1-53-59 PM

* Creepy Crypt

10-07-15_2-01-15 PM

* University Debate Club

10-07-15_2-12-05 PM

* Christmas!

10-07-15_1-57-51 PM

* Motivational Retreat Thing

10-07-15_2-26-16 PM

(Ok… I know three of those were basically the same but shhh… I was just trying to share ideas. XD )

Happy Simming! ^__^

15 thoughts on “TS4 Download: Functional Pulpits

  1. Excellent creation! I want to build a church, and these pulpits are ideal for decorating the altar of the church! Thank you very very much!


  2. Hi, I downloaded this and I believe it may have corrupted my game. I’m not complaining, it worked wonderfully as it’s supposed to but I just wanted to let you know just in case. After installing the Jacoban Pulpit into my game for the church I built, I was no longer able to upload to my own library or to the gallery within the game. This affected every single lot and Sim I had made. I have never had the problem before this install. I had to uninstall the Sims, and origin as well, but it’s resolved now. I do really want to thank you for making this item for the game. I’ve always got to have a church in any Sim game I play, I really appreciate the time and effort it mush have taken. Like I said it wasn’t a complaint I just wanted to let you know in case anyone else is having issues with it.


    • Oh no! Can I ask which version you were using? Politics or the microphone version? And if you were using Politics did you update the mod after patching? Zerbu uploaded a new version as the patch did break a couple of things. Make sure you update the venue list mod too.

      Thank you for letting me know.


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