TS4 Blog: The Dixon-Phillips Family – ‘Introductions’

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The Dixon-Phillips are an aspiring middle-class family who live in a pre-built house in Willow Creek. Antony is a politician on the up: building his network; working on his charisma and speech-making; and dreaming of his vision of a perfect world. His mother Felicity, a well-born socialite, knows the importance of appearances. Her drive and determination to have her lineage succeed means she enjoys making connections on her son’s behalf (Felicity was very loosely inspired by Winston Churchill’s mother). While Felicity may have encouraged Antony to marry his glamorous wife, Astor Dixon, the two women don’t always see eye to eye. Ex-movie star Astor has the style and charisma of a perfect politician’s wife, but her stroppy attitude and terrible cooking skills do not make for the perfect party host. Astor would rather be attending parties, rather than accepting the responsibility of hosting one.

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Antony and Astor’s daughters, Anastasia and Claudia, are accustomed to a comfortable lifestyle of spa days and shopping sprees. Anastasia shares her grandmother’s perseverance and determination to succeed. She understands the importance of working hard to get where you want to be and is always at the top of her class. Claudia has always found it difficult to live up to her older sister’s example, as a result she can be rebellious and disinterested in school. She does love the arts, however, and has the gift of a creative streak which her serious sister lacks.

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I can’t wait to share more about this aspirational, yet dysfunctional, family!

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