Crumpleton: Oh You Silly Things


I’m afraid I don’t have a real story blog today but I figured I’d do a little update with my in-game shenanigans. I’ve been finishing off the task of restocking Meadow’s Grocery so my sims don’t starve on the next round, and I thought I’d explain how I get Daric to supply the produce and take payment. Also, there were a few funny things that I thought might be amusing as I was getting ready to ply my next household. So… here we go…

Switching households is always interesting to me, because I like to see what my sims have been up to while I was away. I was surprised to find Daric in the rather posh furniture store, I didn’t really think it was to his taste!



On his way back home I stopped at the clinic to see if his medicine had arrived, it had not. 😦 But I was pleased to find another of my sims, Mahinder, working in the clinic as a doctor. Thank you active careers! ❤


As I was watching him at the chemistry station a HUGE bolt of lightning must have hit the ground right outside because there was a big explosive flash! At first I thought the chemicals had blown up, but Mahinder was thankfully fine and completed the potion. I wonder if his inventory will be full of potion when I switch to him.

Daric arrived at home and the game had given him one of those standard Big lemon cars. *sigh* Fortunately, I’d finally remembered to add in my modded service cars and could provide Daric with a handyman’s truck. Yay! Adair was pleased to see Daric and they spent a bit of time harvesting and tending the crops. Green dragons are so helpful!







Daric then drove to Meadow’s grocery. First, I clicked on the grocery store rabbithole rug to check how much the produce in Daric’s inventory was worth: $2906. I noted the price but did not sell them. Then I opened the inventory of the cash register and placed the produce inside, this allows Meadow to restock from the shop’s inventory when items are sold from the shelves. If she runs out of an item, she cannot restock it. Once all the produce was transferred, I clicked on Meadow’s piggy bank (which uses the code from Ani’s tax collector donation box) and took out the $2906 payment. And this is how I make my town self sufficient! I like that the whole town has to work together to make sure things are done, and one sims’ actions have an affect on all the others. I would love for them to implement community features in The Sims 4 one day.





Daric then visited the garden centre to pick up a bit of sunshine fertilizer, and then drove home, read a book about ‘True Fairy Tales’ and went to bed. I couldn’t resist taking a couple of screenshots of his new truck!





Time to switch households! \o/

I’m back to playing my main households in rotation again. I’ll aim to play each family for a sim-week so they all have to pay their bills! As well as paying the normal ‘gas, electric and water’ bills at the mailbox, they’ll also have to pay their taxes for the first time in Crumpleton! Eeek!

The next household is the Dixon-Phillips household. If you follow my TS4 gameplay you might have spotted me playing with this family already. In TS3 they are slightly different: while I do play with the same sims I’ve had since TS1, they do change and adapt slightly with each reincarnation.


I switched to their house. It was about 4am and nosimbody was home! Where were they!? Again, I love to switch households and see what my sims are doing. I tracked the whole family down to a mausoleum in the graveyard! What on earth were they doing in there!? And why was Antony wearing that outfit!? The rest of the family seemed just as confused about that last one as I was! XD

I quickly sent them home and into their respective beds so they can be fresh and bright when I next come to play with them.






I also found the two pet horses gallivanting around the house and looking very cheeky, so I sent them back to their stables. They seemed to race each other back, which was fun to watch! Then I tucked them up safely into their stables and said goodnight.












Goodnight Crumpleton! ❤

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