TS4 Download: Medieval Statues!

This content is no longer supported!!!

09-25-15_9-58-19 PM

I absolutely adore The Sims Medieval! I love the rustic traditional style of the objects, and while I play a mostly realistic game in the current age, I like my Sims’ worlds to have a historical and cultural influence. So I love items that reflect the past and these Medieval sculptures will be perfect for my game!

There are 8 sculptures included (did I mention how much I love TSM?):

* Wood Angel
* 2 Wood Monks
* Pegasus
* 2 Stone Angels
* A Noble King
* A Scholar

The Medieval items only had one colour option so I made a variety of recolours of them. They can all be found under the ‘sculptures’ tag in-game, and they all have the TSM descriptions and prices.

09-25-15_10-00-05 PM

09-25-15_10-04-46 PM

09-26-15_9-55-30 AM

09-26-15_9-54-03 AM

09-26-15_9-52-56 AM

09-25-15_10-01-41 PM

09-25-15_10-02-21 PM

09-25-15_10-04-04 PM


Fixed an issue with the specular that was making the statues more shiny than they should be. Credit to Oh My Sims 4 for drawing my attention to the error and for the specular fix file. ^__^

Fixed version:

09-26-15_7-57-56 PM

This content is no longer supported!!!

However I have combined all the Medieval & Statue conversions into one large UNSUPPORTED file to make them available to other creators for their projects. Available here! DO NOT INSTALL UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND HAVE BACKED UP YOUR SAVE FILES!!!

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