How to… Recolour a Sims 4 CAS Item!

So, a lot of people have been asking me how to do a simple recolour of a Sims 4 create-a-sim item. Here I’ll show you how to change the colour of a dress, but this technique can be easily adapted to most CAS items and objects too!

You will need:

* The latest version of Sims4Studio (registration required but totally worth it). As an alternative you can use TSR Workshop or S4pe but this tutorial uses S4S.

* A way of editing .dss images. I use a free program called GIMP and this is what I’ll show in the tutorial, but you could also use Photoshop or

* A computer. You could also use your imagination, it’s up to you. XD

Ok, once you have Sims4Studio downloaded and installed you can go ahead and launch it. If you only want to add one or two new colours to an outfit you could choose ‘Add CAS part swatch’ and this just adds the new options to the existing thumbnail in create-a-sim. However, I recommend using ‘Create CAS standalone’ because it makes it easier to add more content, especially if you are also using other creator’s custom content alongside your own.

STEP 1: Select ‘Create CAS Standalone’ and then press the big blue ‘CAS’ button above.


From the screen below you can search for the item you wish to recolour. There are options at the top to help you filter the content.

STEP 2: Find the item you want to recolour and choose ‘Next’.


Step 3: Save the project to the desktop so you can find it easily. This is the actual .package file you will drop into your mods folder. You need to give it a unique name, especially if you want to share it! A good format to use is:

[your name]_TS4_[description of item]

You could also put the age and gender in there like ‘FA'(female adult) or ‘MT’ (male teen).

(Note: Don’t use my name! Use your name! 😛 )


You should now be able to see a layout like the image below. You can use your mouse to zoom in/out, move, and rotate the item in the viewing window.

Step 4: Look for the area that has the title ‘Texture’, you should see a flat image of the clothing and next to it should be a ‘export’ button. Export the image to your desktop and save it under an appropriate name.


Step 5: Minimize Sims4Studio. Now open your image editing software. Go to ‘file’ –> ‘open’ and then find your exported image. If using GIMP a box will pop up, this is what mine looks like (I uncheck ‘load mipmaps’).


Step 6: Now your image should be ready to edit! Here we will do a simple recolour. If using GIMP, navigate to the ‘Colors’ tab at the top, and click the ‘Hue-Saturation…’ option.


Step 7: This is the fun part! You should have a window like the image below. Move the ‘hue’ slider till you find a colour you like. You can also play with the ‘lightness’ and ‘saturation’ sliders to brighten/darken or weaken/strengthen the colour. The ‘Brightness-Contrast’ options under the ‘Colors’ tab (see step 6) is also useful.


Step 8: Once you are happy with the colour of your item, you can export it! (You could also ‘overwrite’ the original image, but since I like to add lots of recolours it is better to save each new image individually.) Go to the ‘File’ tab and select ‘export’. Save the image to the desktop as a .dss file.


Step 9: You will get a pop-up like the one below. You MUST choose ‘BC3/DXT5’ for compression and ‘Generate Mipmaps’ for mipmaps.


You can now close GIMP.

Maximize Sims4Studio. You should still have your project window open (if not, you can easily use ‘My Projects’ from the main menu screen and find the .package you saved earlier in step 3).

Step 10: Under texture you can now ‘import’ your new edited image. You should be able to see it on the sim.


Step 11: You’re nearly there! In the window titled ‘Swatch Thumbnail Colors’ right-click the coloured square to get a dropper tool, then click on the 3D image to pick an appropriate colour.


Step 12: Save the project (bottom right of screen) and you’re done! Congratulations! You made a basic recolour! \o/

You can now close Sims4Studio. Move your .package file from the desktop and drop it into the Sims 4 mods folder like you would with any other item of custom content. When you load the game you should be able to find your new item as a standalone recolour!


A few extra tips!

* If you made extra recolours just reopen your .package file using the ‘My Projects’ button on the main screen of Sims4Studio. You can then ‘add swatch’ to import more colours!

* Once you have loaded the item in-game once, it will generate a catalog thumbnail. You can reopen your project and export the thumbnail to design your own custom version to make it easier to recognise in create-a-sim!

* You can open the ‘categories’ tab in Sims4Studio to edit search tabs like colour, to make finding your outfit in create-a-sim even easier!

More tutorials!

If you need more tutorials I highly recommend checking out the Online Manual at Sims4Studio.

Another helpful tutorial is by Sandy at Around the Sims. This is the tutorial I used when learning how to add patterns to clothing and keep the shadows. Thanks Sandy! o/

5 thoughts on “How to… Recolour a Sims 4 CAS Item!

  1. I tried to do it exactly like you did it but, when I saved the texture thing, it was saved as a dds file. I’m not sure if it was supposed to do that but I tried to use it on GIMP and it said it wouldn’t let me use a dds file, so I change it to a JPG image. Once I did that, it worked for a little bit but when I tried to save it to my computer, it wouldn’t let me save it as a dds file. I’m so confused right now. ;n; It might just be the computer or even GIMP but I’m having troubles. ~


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