Crumpleton: Meadow’s Grocery


My sims needed somewhere to buy their groceries and my current grocery shop was a little… blah! So I switched to one of my favourite pre-mades who I use to test all my gardening/food related mods, Meadow Carpenter Rhodes! I don’t quite know how Meadow became my gardening guinea pig, but I’ve grown quite attached to her. I like that she’s a bit quirky: she’s insane and loves plants more than people (a bit like Daric) but she’s a bit bohemian and loves to play the guitar and paint. I also like that she’s naturally quite muscular, I imagine this is because she works hard on the land. Unfortunately, in Crumpleton, her mental illness seems to be more apparent than usual. Maybe this is because I’m less controlling than when I’m directing her to test things and, given more freedom, her quirky behaviour is more apparent. I’ll admit, she’s scaring me a bit! Anyway, it was late when I switched to her so she went to bed. In the morning she had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (I really need to sort out the meal availabilities on my food mods… they have weird options for breakfast) and then she got to work in the garden a bit.




Meadow wanted to tend to her garden but it was raining and she was determined to wear her bikini so I let her pick something else to do, she chose to play the guitar while the rain subsided. Then she happily tended the wet garden in her bikini. *sigh*






Then it was time to head to the grocery shop! Fortunately, Meadow chose to wear her outerwear to ride there, I really like this outfit on her, it suits her. I love looking around the world as my sims ride around town, Meadow rode past The Globe Theatre, and then spotted another sim acting a bit crazy! At least she isn’t the only one!






(By the way… I know my screenshots are really dark and I thought I should explain why. I purposefully made some of my lighting files very dark outside because in real life on country roads in the UK it IS very dark! And I like the contrast between the dark, gloomy exterior and the bright, inviting interiors! It isn’t always like this… sometimes the world can be a lot brighter and have nice sunsets and things. But I think the rainy/cloudy weather has made it extra dark lately.)

Meadow arrived at the grocery. It’s part of a chain of shops on one lot that is kind of like the ‘high street’ or main shopping area of the town. It is in the centre of town, next to the park and near the town hall, church and main university building. I originally had the grocery on a smaller shop next door, but I realised I’d need a lot more room and converted the empty shop on the corner instead.




I sent Meadow to the supplier (the grocery rabbithole rug) and had her buy 3 of everything to get the store set-up! In the future she will only be able to buy items that can’t be grown or produced during gameplay, like the bread, peanut butter, and flour from the overhaul mod. All other items will have to be made by my produce sims, like fruit, veg, honey, eggs, milk, etc. Those sims will then leave their produce in the storage boxes at outside the back of the store, and will take their payment of the value of the goods from Meadow’s ‘piggy bank’ which uses the code from Ani’s tax collector mod. I’ve set up the store so that sims can only ‘shop while active’ so that sims won’t autonomously buy all the produce if they don’t need it, and so that I can send my sims to get the things they need while I’m playing them. Meadow will only restock items if they are available in the cash register’s inventory.









You shout at those pumpkins, Meadow!


And if anyone is wondering about the mods and CC I’m using…

* The advanced retail system is Ani’s Savvier Seller Mod.

* The converted bakery stands and register are my Savvier Bakery mod.

I also converted Dot’s mesh shelves to use Ani’s savvier code but I don’t want to upload these as they clone Dot’s meshes. I’ll hopefully get time to write a tutorial on how to change the code on objects yourself.

* The storage boxes are by Around the Sims .

* The extra ingredients come from my version of the Overhaul mod. And Icemunmun’s Spring Harvest and Green Vegetable mods. Plus a few of Sandy’s décor food items from ATS (see above link) and Jennisims

* I made some vintage style posters too which I’ll upload soon for anyone who wants them. ^__^

6 thoughts on “Crumpleton: Meadow’s Grocery

  1. Meadow is one of my favourite premades too 🙂

    Wow, I absolutely adore your grocery store! It’s so vibrant and pretty – and really fascinating to read about. Thanks for the information on all the mods your using. And how clever to use the WA chests like that.

    I like the dark exteriors too! I can still see your sims’ faces okay, even in the darkest pictures, and it does make everything a bit more atmospheric.

    I can’t wait to see more from Crumpleton! Happy Simming xx


    • Thank you for the nice comments! I was really happy when I found Sandy’s storage boxes, I’d been using the WA chests for ages for all sorts of things but I love how she remodelled them to make them more useful for all sorts of situations! I know Ani uses the grocery bag to store produce so her sims don’t automatically use them when they make food. And I use ones that look like filing cabinets and storage boxes at the police station for filing reports and photo evidence, or at the science building for documenting different species of plants or wildlife. So, yeah, they come in useful for all sorts of things!

      Thanks for the feedback on the darkness of my photos, I worry because I know people had issues with the darkness of Midnight Hollow and I felt I needed to explain why they are so dark. I thought maybe people thought I had a glitch or something. XD It’s been winter and early spring for a long time in my game now and I’m looking forward to the brighter weather settings! I’m also getting pretty tired of the rain, it feels like it’s always raining! I either need to find a mod to reduce the chance of rain, or to get my science sims to hurry up and ‘discover’ the weather station object. XD

      Liked by 1 person

  2. How did you link the boxes to the cash register and how did you set the tax mod to be able to have your sims take the money. Thank you for your quick responses.


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