TS3 Mod: Old Fortune Teller’s Tea Set


You may have seen that Belinda Crumplebottom runs a tea room in my game. Since she is a witch from Moonlight Falls, I wanted her to also read tea leaves as a bit of a entertainment. I cloned the tea table from the store and directed it to use the code from the crystal ball, you’ll need both installed for it to work. It basically just looks like the tea table, but has the interactions for the crystal ball. You can’t drink tea from it, but I use it in my tea rooms alongside the normal tea tables and it just fits in better than the crystal ball. 🙂

It does not override the original tea table, so you can still use that version as normal. The modded version will show up as a separate object in the catalogue.


I’ve been using it in my game for a long time without any issues, but if you do notice anything give me a nudge. If any smart modder wants to do a better job and actually inject an interaction to ‘read tea leaves’ on the proper tea table then that would be awesome too! XD

Download here!

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