Crumpleton: Green Leaf Tea

Only a little update today. I was playing with Daric a little more, trying to grow his vegetables, but the game was against me and the ground was covered in frost! XD

Anyway, Daric woke up wondering if there was really a dragon in his house or if he had been dreaming. He was still feeling a little strange… was his skin a little greener? What was this strange green cloud floating around him? (You’re stinky Daric, get in the shower!)


Daric went to investigate, there the little guy was… still in the corner where he’d left him. It seemed friendly enough so Daric picked it up and fed it a little fish.

‘I’ll call you Adair!’




Daric took Adair to the garden to see if the dragon could fly and stretch it’s wings. To his surprise the green dragon sent sparkling lights shooting out to all the plants and magically grew and harvested them!

‘You are a clever little fellow, aren’t you!?’ Daric laughed delightedly.






Well… there was no more work Daric could do while his garden was covered with frost, so he went to patrol Crumplebottom Park. It was quiet on that frosty morning, everything was peaceful and Daric enjoyed walking round.






(At this point he decided to swim across the lake and got changed. Aaaah… sims and their wild routing!)




Feeling a little chilly (especially after his impromptu swim), Daric decided to stop in at the tea rooms for a nice warm drink. Belinda Crumplebottom runs the café and was supposed to be tending the barista bar but she was being a little difficult and wouldn’t serve him at first. It turned out I didn’t set it up very well, I had Belinda assigned to my baker career and had used Ultimate Careers to send her to the café for her shifts, but I’d also told her to tend the barista bar with register, and the two mods were competing for her attention! I ended up fiddling with the ‘Zerbu’ settings on the town hall so that my custom baker career didn’t push sims to use interactions assigned to the culinary career. Fiddly, but I got it set up in the end! XD




Daric got tired of waiting for her and served himself using the tea set from the store. There is no charge for using the tea set on a community lot, so Daric paid using my tip jar. He also bought one of Sandy’s edible sandwiches.





And a visit to the tea rooms wouldn’t be complete without having your fortune told! Belinda is a witch from Moonlight Falls so I made her a modded tea-table that acts like the fortune teller’s crystal ball. I forgot to upload this when I made it, so I’ll try and get that up asap. The prediction was a nice one and Daric was pleased. I also caught Thornton Wolff telling his own fortune, I didn’t think he would be into mystical stuff!





Belinda finally decided to tend the barista bar! I really wanted Daric to get a ‘green leaf’ tea, so I sent him over for one. He seemed very cheerful when I left him with a good fortune to look forward too, a helpful green dragon in his garden, and a belly full of nice herbal tea! I’ll be switching households until the ground warms up and Daric can tend his garden, and I’m excited about the sim I’ll be playing next! ^__^





2 thoughts on “Crumpleton: Green Leaf Tea

    • Daric’s a lucky man, getting all that tea! Where I live you see a lot of these sweet elderly men who take a stroll round the park and go for a spot of tea, so I like that Daric reflects the real world in that way (ignoring the fact he has a dragon, of course!). I’m just uploading the fortune teller’s tea set now.

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