TS3 CC: Medieval Statues

After converting some The Sims Medieval statues for The Sims 4 I thought, 'Why don't I have these for The Sims 3!?' So, naturally I converted them to TS3 as well. ^___^ I added channels to make them recolourable and they can be found under 'sculptures'. Download Here! And some pictures of my updates to … Continue reading TS3 CC: Medieval Statues

TS4 Download: 3 Spooky Statues and a Big Dude

This content is no longer supported!!! More statue conversions! Did I mention I love statues? Anyhoo, I really wanted the Big Dude statue because I always use it in my parks. Then I spotted several other favourites and couldn't resist converting these 3 creepy statues to compliment the new Spooky Stuff pack! I love using … Continue reading TS4 Download: 3 Spooky Statues and a Big Dude