Blog: Week 1 – The Baker Family, ‘My Words Fly’

I was very excited when Harriette’s work day finally rolled around: while she helps out in the bakery, her real job is in the writing career and I’d built her a copy of the beautiful Shakespeare & Company bookstore in Paris! I was so excited to have her working actively on the lot with Zerbu’s Turbo Careers mod!


Harriette arrived feeling a bit nervous, the bookstore was busy with lots of intellectual types hanging out and discussing high-brow novels. It was Harriette’s first day working at the famous hang-out for acclaimed authors, her job was to manage the café: providing coffee, cleaning and serving food. (Note: this is what the mod encourages people to do at the first level of the writing career because you are a writer’s assistant. I can’t wait for the Get Together expansion so I can have a REAL coffee bar!)

08-08-15_10-07 PM-2

08-13-15_8-47 PM

08-13-15_8-49 PM

08-13-15_8-50 PM

08-13-15_9-02 PM

After a while Harriette felt a little braver and went to chat with some of the authors. They were so charming and friendly and Harriette felt accepted. She would be much less grumpy and frustrated at home, now that she had her sanctuary of books!

08-13-15_9-05 PM-2

08-13-15_9-06 PM

08-13-15_9-08 PM


Shakespeare&Co is available on the gallery! The version I uploaded is CC-free as always! Search for #Shakespeare or #BakerFamily.

I did test he lot before uploading, but typically when I started to play properly I found a few niggly things. I’d forgotten to add an oven to the kitchen, and once I did Harriette stopped using the available counter and took the chopping board downstairs. Silly sims! I deleted the counter and replaced it and that seemed to fix the problem.

Here is a little tour! You can see the bookshop/newsagents area on the ground floor, the café on the first floor, and the writer’s loft (including the bed from the real-life shop)! There is also space to expand if you wish, but these areas are not shown.

08-08-15_10-08 PM

08-08-15_10-08 PM-2

08-08-15_10-09 PM-2

08-08-15_10-10 PM

08-08-15_10-10 PM-2

08-08-15_10-11 PM

08-08-15_10-11 PM-2

08-08-15_10-12 PM

08-08-15_10-13 PM

I also made some CC for the lot which is available separately, if you want to add that yourself. I recoloured the Get To work windows and doors to make them a darker bottle-green, I made a sign for above the shop door reminiscent of the real life sign, and I made a new Shakespeare portrait picture. You can grab the file here!

I also added some CC in my game including the wonderful French Street objects by Sandy at Around the Sims 4 here, here and here!

08-10-15_9-43 PM

08-10-15_9-53 PM

Enjoy! ^__^

2 thoughts on “Blog: Week 1 – The Baker Family, ‘My Words Fly’

    • Sandy’s CC always makes a lot extra special! I’m really happy how the lot turned out but it doesn’t compare to the real-life building, I just can’t achieve the same level of books in nooks! XD

      Turbo careers is amazing! I love open careers and being able to follow a sim to their job. The best thing about it is that you get the choice to follow them or stay on the home lot as usual. So yesterday I sent Harriette on her own and stayed with Harold to take him fishing. ^__^

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