Blog: Week 1 – The Baker Family, ‘A Cooler Kitchen’

08-12-15_8-12 PM

The bakery business was doing well, but Harold and Harriette wanted to try offering a few more options, so they bought an ice-cream machine! I was really happy to discover we can sell the bowls, cones, and cartons! But it’s a bit tricky getting the sims to put the bowl/cone down before taking a bite! Once they take a bite you lose the option to ‘set for sale’ on that particular item. It’s a bit fiddly to set up, but once the ice cream is in the fridge it lasts for 8 days before going bad, so you have plenty of time to sell it! And if you choose to restock it from the little sign, it restocks with a ‘fresh’ serving! My plan is to keep some of the signs in the kitchen so I can restock with fresh ice-cream whenever I need it!

Florence came over to help, they were expecting a busy day! She decided it was very important that she ‘taste test’ the ice cream!

08-12-15_8-12 PM-2

08-12-15_8-30 PM

Kyra is flirty by nature, so when she was asked to talk to the customers, she used her own special sales technique! She’d met Malcom Landgraab the day before, so when she found him in the shop she turned on the charm! He seemed impressed with her enthusiasm and bought an ice-cream!

08-12-15_8-36 PM

08-12-15_8-38 PM

08-12-15_8-38 PM-3

08-12-15_8-42 PM

08-12-15_8-44 PM

Danni was still feeling unhelpful, and was more interested in continuing her gaming mission than helping in the store. And the crowds were too much for Harriette, who was quiet by nature, so she withdrew to work on her writing skill and read books.

08-12-15_9-44 PM

08-12-15_8-30 PM-2

08-12-15_9-48 PM

By the end of the day the shop was completely sold-out! Kyra regretted gorging on ice creams, concerned about her waistline she did some yoga before bed. (I love Kyra’s girly bedroom!)

08-12-15_9-29 PM

08-12-15_8-47 PM

08-12-15_9-48 PM-2

08-12-15_9-49 PM

08-12-15_9-49 PM-2

Harold had done something to upset Harriette, who was really annoyed with him! When Harriette stomped upstairs Harry hid under the bedclothes pretending to be asleep, which just made her more mad! She made him get up and I discovered he had forgotten to take the bins out. Poor Harry! He looked so sad! Harriette wouldn’t usually be so mad, but the busy days had taken their toll on her and she longed to get back to what she loved doing, which was working with books. Harry finally apologised and calmed her down, he understood why she was so stressed out and gave her a massage. He even made her apology love cookies! Soon they were their normal cuddly selves again. ^__^

I took so many screenshots because it was such a real-life type of situation, and their reactions were so good!

08-12-15_10-32 PM

08-12-15_10-33 PM-2

08-12-15_10-33 PM

08-12-15_10-35 PM

08-12-15_10-36 PM

08-12-15_10-38 PM

08-12-15_10-39 PM

08-12-15_10-39 PM-2

08-12-15_10-39 PM-3

08-12-15_10-50 PM

08-12-15_10-51 PM-2

08-12-15_10-52 PM

08-12-15_10-53 PM

08-12-15_10-53 PM-2

08-12-15_10-53 PM-3

08-12-15_10-53 PM-4

08-12-15_10-54 PM

08-12-15_10-54 PM-2

08-12-15_11-00 PM

08-12-15_11-02 PM

08-12-15_11-03 PM

08-12-15_11-06 PM

08-12-15_11-07 PM-2

It’s things like this that make me think, ‘How do people NOT love The Sims 4?’! Because I love things like this! They act so much more human than the sims in TS3 and really seem to have their own thoughts and character. My sims act the way they should act! And I get these whole storylines that occur 90% naturally in my game. I might prompt an action here and there, like having Harold make the apology cookies, but things like Harold hiding in the bed, Harriette getting mad and complaining about the bins, and Harold needing the toilet while she was in the bath all occurred autonomously. And their physical reactions and emotional responses are so entertaining to watch! I love how they do things differently depending on the mood they are in.

And yes, I know we still don’t have toddlers and there are things missing, or things that could be better. I feel frustrated about this too. But the more I play, the more I think TS4 is going to be the best series ever when it has more time to develop. In many ways it already is.

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