Crumpleton: A Few Loose Ends

It was an eventful morning for the Vanderburgs. In the wee small hours of the morning a burglar crept up to the house, but she had made a big mistake! Choosing to steal from a home inhabited by a police officer and judge is never a good idea! Sabastian was woken by the suspicious noises and his fellow officers were quick to respond! I followed the officer and the perp as they drove away, hoping to follow them to the police station where I could have Sebastian process her, but unfortunately the car turned and vanished. ;_; Typically, Renauld slept through the whole thing!







The next morning, Catarina visited the Town Hall offices where she was hoping to secure funds to improve the library services. She had also arranged to meet Roxy there before her court appointment. But when she tried to speak to councillor Phillips he brushed her off, making some excuse about being late for a meeting and saying he would discuss it another day. Well, Catarina would just have to do her best with the existing funding then!





(Time to use my newly built court house, woo!)

Renauld drove to the court house to sit Roxy’s trial. Catarina made sure she was there on time. It was only a minor offence, and taking into account Roxy’s mental health issues and impassioned defence statement, Renauld went easy on her. He charged her a small fine, which was the minimum punishment, but he felt bad as Roxy was already short of money and the fine would only worsen her situation. He also ordered her to attend a weekly counselling meeting with a social worker, hopefully that would do her some good.







Troubled over Roxy’s situation, Catarina went back to the office and arranged the library service improvements. She contacted the local telephone company and encouraged them to upgrade the lines. Then she arranged to have the old tree at the library clipped so it no longer damaged the roof (I moved it back a bit). She even had a small unobtrusive extension built onto the side of the library to hold the bathroom facilities. Finally, Catarina visited the high school: she didn’t have much money left in the community fund but the school desperately needed new computers! In the end, Catarina used her own money to buy second hand computers for all the desks! It wasn’t the best solution, but it was the best she could do. Unfortunately, the students and some of the richer parents didn’t seem impressed! XD











Next time I play I will be choosing a different family. I played a little bit longer than I should have with the Vanderburgs, but they turned out to be quite interesting! I wanted to make sure they did their roles properly, attending the correct workplaces and such-like.

* You can grab my social worker mod here:
* I’ll hopefully remember to upload my law career soon, but you can find a great one here by Missy Hissy:
* I used Ani’s Tax Collector mod a lot here to transfer money between individuals and civic buildings, particularly the donation boxes. You can grab the mod here:

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