News: The Sims 4 Get Together Announced

Earlier today Rachel Franklin announced the second expansion pack at Gamescom. Here is the trailer:

I’m so excited to be getting the Medieval/Tudor style world, I honestly couldn’t take anything else in at first! The name of the world is ‘Windenburg’ so I’m thinking it might be based loosely on Wittenberg in Germany? The buildings and ruins are beautiful!

I’m still gathering info but the pack seems to be based around social groups and activities, I’m interested in hearing more details! But some things I can see in the trailer include walk-in closets, football, a dj booth, a fiddle/violin, coffee shops [!!!], bonfires, beer, fire-dancing, new dance moves and social interactions like high-fives, and lots of new build/buy/CAS items.

It seems to have all the great social stuff from TS3 University Life, but it appears to have social groups like in TS2 Freetime. It’s an interesting mix and I’m looking forward to finding out more!

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