Crumpleton: A Close Encounter

The next morning, Ella nervously made jam sandwiches for breakfast, se would have to ask for money to buy more ingredients and look up a few recipes soon, she couldn’t keep making jam sandwiches for long! (Note: the combination of Ella’s low cooking skill and Ani’s No Shopping From Fridge mod mean there are not many options available yet.) She was surprised when Renauld invited her to join him for breakfast. Little did she know, the old man was feeling sentimental: Ella looked so much like his old friend, with the same delicate mannerisms. And having a young girl around the house reminded him of his own missing daughter.



When Renauld and Ella left, it made me laugh to see Catarina looking at the sandwiches in confusion. She didn’t know her husband had hired a housekeeper! Sebastian was still in bed, so who had made the sandwiches?


It was the day of the Spring Fair, so Catarina made her way to the park to check on the set-up. She was dismayed to find the rain had dampened everyone’s spirits, and nobody had bothered to supervise the arrangements. (Note: I actually hadn’t set up the spring festival yet. I wanted to make it part of my gameplay and make a sim responsible for it).





By early afternoon Catarina had taken charge of the event, contacting the hot-air balloon supplier, the traders, the puppet show, the food vendors, and all the various people who needed prodding into action. She was pleased with the result! Even if the event was a total wash-out that day, hopefully the weather would brighten up for the remainder of the holidays. It made me laugh to see the newspaper vendor running home at the end of his shift.



Catarina was invited to the Vicar’s house for tea, so she popped by the flower shop to buy a gift. She met the TS3 version of Adelia Clausen there, I love it when my sims bump into each other around town!




Catarina then drove to the vicarage and met Vincentio Pantalone, it seemed the Vicar had also invited a few ‘troubled’ guests to the gathering, perhaps in the hope of introducing them to people like Catarina who might be able to help them. One of these guests was a young girl who gasped when she saw Catarina arrive. It was Francisca Vanderburg, Catarina’s missing daughter (although the vicar did not know this). Francisca quickly locked herself in the bathroom before her mother could spot her. (Note: all this was entirely coincidental, the invite and Francisca’s appearance. Francisca was already in the bathroom and I may have locked her in.)




Catarina offered to help her friend Mrs Pantalone in the kitchen and everyone loved her meal. While the guests were sitting at the table, Francisca sneaked out of the house and slipped away before her mother spotted her!







Catarina found Roxy Hunter eating outside in the rain, she obviously felt awkward at the party. She confided to Catarina that she was worried about her court summons the next day, and Catarina reassured her that she would meet her before to lend her some moral support.




After a tiring day, Renauld suggested that Catarina join him at the country club for a relaxing evening.







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