Blog: Week 1 – The Landers Family, ‘Herbalism Shop’

Gwen finally acquired a small shop suitable for her herbalism business, the problem was, she hadn’t actually seen it! Space is at a premium in Newcrest and properties are sold very quickly! When Gwen saw a small shop advertised in her price range she snapped it up in a panic.

Cheryl made her mum a sugar-free carob coconut cake to celebrate, and Gwen bought a new outfit (actually I finally got round to reinstalling Sims4Studio and recoloured her a skirt with my rusty cc skills).

07-19-15_8-45 PM

07-19-15_8-45 PM-3

07-19-15_9-02 PM

07-19-15_8-53 PM

Gwen went in search of her new business. She knew it was on a block with an artisan tea house and yoga studio, but it took her a while to find her shop down a narrow side street. Although she was slightly disappointed with it’s position, the shop was a nice size and she soon had it well stocked and ready for trade!

07-19-15_9-20 PM

07-19-15_9-21 PM-2

07-19-15_9-54 PM-2

07-19-15_9-53 PM

07-19-15_9-54 PM

07-19-15_9-58 PM

The residents of Newcrest were a curious bunch and word had spread about this quirky new shop! Customers eagerly rushed through the doors to inspect the new things, little did Gwen realise that that she’d tapped into a fashion trend for New Age health products! She hurried to ring up the sales, and the atmosphere was so good that she even started dancing!

07-19-15_10-08 PM

07-19-15_10-05 PM

07-19-15_10-14 PM

07-19-15_10-09 PM

When Gwen finally closed the shop she was hungry and exhausted! Luckily there was a small studio apartment above her shop and she rustled up some oatmeal there. Poor Gwen, she was so tired she didn’t QUITE make it all the way home to bed before passing out. XD

07-19-15_10-18 PM

07-19-15_10-29 PM

07-19-15_10-31 PM

07-19-15_10-32 PM

You can find the cc-free versions of static home and the shops on the gallery! Find me @Cinderellimouse

I’ll try and list some of the custom content I used in the herbalism store here soon!

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