Blog: Week 1 – The Landers Family, ‘Self Improvement’

Self Improvement

07-16-15_12-59 PM

I was planning on playing a wealthy household in order to play with the spa items but the lure of yoga and herbalism was too strong! So I decided to play with the Landers household since Cheryl’s mum owns a New Age shop in TS3. I figured I’d reopen the store in Newcrest. But first, Gwen needed to visit Granite Falls to collect some ingredients for her herbal remedies. She also needed to brush up on her knowledge of the local plants, they seemed so new and unfamiliar!

Gwen and Cheryl live in a small static caravan in Magnolia Promenade (continuing the nautical blue and white feel I started with the Clausen’s house), it was built as a vacation home for wealthy sims but it was all Gwen could afford and they use it as their main house. It’s small, and they don’t have much furniture, but they’re making it as cosy as they can!

07-17-15_10-27 PM-2

07-15-15_10-54 PM

07-15-15_10-54 PM-2

07-17-15_10-29 PM

(Note: I’m using some CC in my game, but I remove my mods folder while building and creating sims, so everything I upload to the gallery is CC free! You can find my sims and builds on my gallery @Cinderellimouse! A few people asked me about Cheryl’s hair, it is by Alesso at TSR.)

07-17-15_10-35 PM

Cheryl had a few free days before she started at her new school, so she decided to take up yoga. She wasn’t great at it, but it made her feel very zen!

07-17-15_10-36 PM-2

07-17-15_10-40 PM

07-17-15_10-49 PM

She also decided to explore her new neighbourhood. Some of the locals were more friendly than others, a nice lady made her some veggie hotdogs! (I love this sim, she’s Ada Clausen’s best friend!)

07-17-15_10-56 PM

07-17-15_10-57 PM

07-17-15_11-07 PM

07-17-15_11-11 PM

Bless Cheryl! She autonomously decided to clean up the local park, which I thought was very sweet of her!

07-17-15_11-10 PM

The next day, it was time to visit Granite Falls in search of new ingredients for Gwen’s herbal remedies! They packed their tent and yoga mat, they would be staying in the campground to save money. It was late when they arrived but in the morning Cheryl rustled up some veggie hotdogs using her new friend’s recipe.

(Note: I miss the vegetarian trait. I imagine Cheryl and Gwen could be vegans and I wish there was a way to stop sims autonomously making/eating meat-based meals.)

07-18-15_8-17 PM

07-18-15_8-21 PM

07-18-15_8-25 PM

Cheryl enjoyed practicing her new yoga skill in the beautiful setting of Granite Falls! I wish I’d realised I could use the ‘Place in World’ option on the mat to place it in the open areas! Gwen went searching for a variety of new plants and flowers to use as ingredients for her herbalism recipes and found lots!

07-18-15_8-33 PM

07-18-15_8-33 PM-2

07-18-15_9-09 PM

07-18-15_9-11 PM

07-18-15_9-16 PM

07-18-15_8-38 PM

07-18-15_8-39 PM

07-18-15_10-19 PM

07-18-15_10-20 PM

07-18-15_10-25 PM

On the final day of the vacation, Cheryl paid a visit to the craft centre and practiced her painting skill. She enjoyed painting the landscape and had several canvases to take home with her.

07-18-15_10-07 PM

07-18-15_10-08 PM-2

07-18-15_10-10 PM

07-18-15_10-13 PM

Cheryl even made a new friend at the bar! Do you recognise her?

07-18-15_10-36 PM

07-18-15_10-37 PM

Tired but happy, Cheryl and Gwen made their way home. Cheryl proudly brightened up her bedroom with her new paintings!

07-18-15_10-52 PM

07-18-15_10-48 PM

Finally, Gwen decided to cook a batch of herbal medicine using her newfound plants… but I think she needs a bit more practice before she opens her shop!

07-18-15_11-09 PM

07-18-15_11-09 PM-3

07-18-15_11-10 PM

I love how the new wellness skill compliments the herbalism skill from Outdoor Retreat! I hope we get more of this kind of hippy/new-age/crafty content! I wish we had some India inspired content too, especially clothing as I’m finding it difficult to dress Gwen. In my mind she’s the sort of person who takes a gap year to backpack round Asia and comes back dressed in bright clothes! I need to recolour some clothes for her and do a bit of cc shopping. ^__^

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