Blog: Week 1 – The Clausen Family ‘Park Life’

Park Life

The Clausen family love their new home! The children are especially excited as their house is right next door to a small playground! \o/ Of course, Kayla was eager to burn off some energy and explore the cool pirate ship, so she ran straight over there. A few minutes later, Michelle went to check on her and found a mean lady shouting at her little sister! :-O

06-13-15_10-01 PM

Since Michelle always sees the funny side of a situation, she decided to make her sister laugh by hiding behind the pirate ship and mimicking the mean lady! Raaaaah! She waved her arms like a sea-witch! Oh no, the woman spotted Michelle and started shouting at her too! Michelle just laughed even more and continued to mock her. The woman didn’t know what to do and stomped away.

06-13-15_10-06 PM

06-13-15_10-07 PM

06-13-15_10-08 PM

‘We have defeated the sea monster!’ Michelle cried victoriously.

Kayla started mocking Michelle! Ooops. It seems Michelle taught her little sister a new way to get into trouble!

06-13-15_10-11 PM

Later that evening (after doing her homework) Lena decided to investigate the new park. Maybe she’d find some interesting insects or plants there.

06-17-15_11-08 AM

‘Hey, this is kind of fun!’ she thought as she manned the cannon. Then she spotted a nice-looking boy walking up the path. Lena knew she needed to try to make friends in the new town, so she approached him an shyly asked his name.

‘Malcom,’ he said, ‘I like your rabbit.’

Lena giggled happily and soon they were playing and chatting like old friends!

06-17-15_11-08 AM-2

06-17-15_11-12 AM

06-17-15_11-10 AM

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