News: Shiny Happy Sim Things!

I know… I know… I’m a naughty naughty blogger who is bad at updating her site. *slaps own hand* But in case you missed them, there have been some new shiny-shinys released for The Sims 4!


First there is Newcrest, a whole new neighbourhood to play in! It has lots of new empty lots to build on, giving players much needed space to expand. And best of all, it’s free! Just update your game! \o/

And here is a great video by Iron Seagull showing off the world and some of the great lots he added to it from the gallery!

Stuff Pack: Perfect Patio

The second stuff pack has already been released and is available via Origin. It’s special feature is the return of hot tubs which are very nicely implemented, making full use of the Sims 4 multitasking system: sims can hold a drink, listen to music, chat and even watch T.V while using the hot tubs (among other things). Of course sims can also woohoo in the hut tubs and it’s kind of raunchy so be prepared! There are some other interesting new features, like aromatherapy, to explore as well.

The pack comes with some very nice buy mode items. I love the sofas with the nautical colours! There are some new CAS items too. Everything has a bit of a 1950’s suburbia garden feel to it, I’d love some furniture other rooms in this style! Here is xSimSugar’s great review showing off the content:

And for the savvy builders, Weealbet has figured out a way to make in-ground hot tubs:

Game Pack: Spa Day

Yes, that’s right! The second game pack has been announced and will be released on July 17th! It features spa items like massage chairs, mud baths and saunas! It also comes with new buy mode and CAS items, and a new ‘wellness’ skill that allows sims to meditate and do yoga. That’s right… YOGA!!! \o/

The official blog can be found here!

And the official The Sims twitter account has been posting teasers too:

Stay tuned for more info!

Next Patch

It has been discovered that the next patch will add lockable doors and half-walls! Yay! No more cringeworthy embarrassing bathroom moments (unless you want them)! Head over to SimsVIP for more info!

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