News: The Sims 4 Luxury Party Stuff Pack!

The official The Sims Twitter account has officially announced the first The Sims 4 Stuff Pack! All we know is that it is called Luxury Party Stuff and we have this teaser pic of a couple of glam new outfits and hairstyles!


Linky linky!

Sims ‘Stuff Packs’ are usually composed of new CAS and BUY/BUILD items, they usually do not come with new gameplay features or worlds. So it is unlikely they will have as much depth as a Game or Expansion pack. However, they are normally reasonably affordable and come with lots of new goodies to brighten up your sims and their homes!

The official tweet says we will get more info next week! In the meantime… watch out for those pesky bills and start saving your simoleans because this pack looks like it’s for sims who can afford a lavish lifestyle.

3 thoughts on “News: The Sims 4 Luxury Party Stuff Pack!

  1. Hei!
    Jeg syntes du lager veldig mange fine klær og jeg lurte på når du skal ha den veiledningen du snakket om på

    xoxo en ivrig spiller


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