Blog: The Apartment Project (Round 2)

12-14-14_12-44 AM

It occurred to me that I would have trouble fitting all my 22 sims into the two existing worlds if they all had individual lots. Especially if I wanted to add new community lots. I’d quickly run out of room. Having multiple games isn’t an option as the point of my rotational gameplay is that all my sims can know each other, they all have to be in the same save file.

Another factor was that I had made the decision to ONLY make my core sims. I normally make their families too, but this seemed pointless if I couldn’t include the families who had toddlers. 😦 So, I figured I’d imagine they were all young adults, just starting out a life of their own. It made sense then that they would live in apartments or other affordable housing alongside my other sims.

I’ve divided all my core sims into four households. The idea is that I’ll still play them individually in a similar way to TS2 apartment life, just ignoring the other sims as best as possible (tricky tricky). This is very much a test, and it might go horribly wrong! The master-plan is that once they become a bit more self-sufficient by increasing their skills and climbing the career ladder, that they will be able to afford their own home. I’m excited to hear about the new world Granite Falls, hopefully when it is released I’ll have enough room for my sims to spread out a bit. \o/

12-14-14_12-09 AM

Happy Trails:

My first ‘affordable’ housing lot is Happy Trails Trailer Park (affordable here means ‘I used the freerealestate cheat’). My poorest sims live here, the ones who come from struggling families. Single mother Cheryl lives here now with her daughter Emma. They have the prettiest trailer, Cheryl has been working hard to make a nice home for her daughter.

12-14-14_12-10 AM

I have a couple of rules when I switch to an individual sim. When I first play them I will use the money cheat to set their funds to 1000 simoleans, this gives them just enough money to buy the skill objects and specialist items they need (their homes are already very basically furnished when they move in). Then, before I switch I will record that sims’ account balance for the next time I play.

With her starter money, Cheryl bought some monkey bars for Emma, some seeds, and a few canvasses. A flaw in my plan is that the other sims on the lot really like her paintings, and she’s such a softie that she gives them away as gifts! I can’t see Cheryl earning too much money at this rate, but at least her neighbours can help her out in return with their own skills.

12-14-14_12-15 AM

12-14-14_12-35 AM

Rule 2 is that I can only control one sim at a time, as though the neighbours live on separate lots. This has been a bit chaotic! I REALLY wish I could specify sims for doors and assign beds to sims. It’s quite funny though! In the trailer park, the sims just seem very sociable, hanging out in each other’s gardens and chatting. I actually quite like the community feel as I think it suits the lot. Cheryl made food for everyone, and I’m sure the Hunter brothers will be cooking something on their barbeque soon.

12-14-14_12-25 AM

12-14-14_12-27 AM

12-14-14_12-37 AM

A nice moment came when I found Emma chatting with Todd in the kitchen. Cheryl and Todd have always been close in my game, so it’s nice that her daughter should get along autonomously with him too (I had a screenshot of this but it was too dark).

Greener Lofts:

Greener Lofts are at the other end of the affluence scale. This old warehouse has been converted into swanky loft apartments for my wealthier sims. Best of all… it has a rooftop pool!

12-16-14_10-04 PM

12-16-14_10-05 PM-2

12-16-14_10-05 PM

Since we just got the new careers, I thought I’d introduce one of my business sims, Marcos Banderes (no relation). His apartment is quite modern and stark.

12-16-14_10-13 PM

12-16-14_10-25 PM

12-16-14_10-25 PM-2

12-16-14_11-01 PM

He doesn’t seem too enthusiastic about his new career yet, I think he’s too busy chatting up the ladies, working-out and eating hotdogs while writing reports (I’m surprised he doesn’t have the bro trait). But I think his enthusiasm will grow when he starts raking in the big bucks!

12-16-14_10-51 PM

12-16-14_10-58 PM

12-16-14_10-59 PM

12-16-14_10-27 PM

12-16-14_10-32 PM

(Joanne was not amused with his boastful conversation)

12-16-14_10-46 PM

And finally… I’ll end my report of my wading in the murky waters of communal living with a few screenshots of my sims invading one-another’s privacy. I was impressed that Karl seemed to instinctively find his office, but then Pierre swooped in and stole his chair. And Marcos was less than impressed when Amar decided to keep him company while he slept, ‘I confess to watching you sleep’. Door locking can’t come quickly enough! ^.^

12-16-14_10-49 PM-2

12-16-14_11-07 PM

I’ll update the blog as I build my other two apartment lots and move in my remaining simmies! \o/

4 thoughts on “Blog: The Apartment Project (Round 2)

  1. I have built an extra trailer, on Johnny Zests lot, only one though. Now all I need is lockable doors. How is this working out for you? I haven’t really played that lot since I built it because I just haven’t had the time.


    • Hey, sorry your comment was hiding from me and I only just spotted it. XD
      It’s working out pretty well (if I tell myself the sims have no boundaries and that they are just really sociable), I’m still playing with multiple ‘households’ on one lot but I’m looking forward to getting each sim to a stage where they have enough personal income to get their own place. I miss the apartment system from TS2! XD


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