Blog: Todd and Jake Hunter (Round 1): Part 2

Todd and Jake had a busy week, so I split it into two parts. For part 1 click here!

Todd was feeling pretty frisky after his date with Georgia, and it didn’t help that Bella Goth stuck her boob in his face while he was thinking about dinner.

09-20-14_10-18 PM

He thought he’d hit the gym and take a cold shower to calm down, unfortunately he was STILL in a romantic mood!

09-20-14_10-21 PM

09-20-14_10-23 PM

So Todd thought he’d channel his… frustration… into a work out! He must have been releasing pheromones or something because the ladies wouldn’t leave him alone! First, one lady took the machine next to him and started a flirty conversation, then Bella had followed him from the bar! The poor man!

09-20-14_10-24 PM

09-20-14_10-25 PM

09-20-14_10-25 PM-2

I don’t know what they’d been putting in the water at Oasis Springs that night but the girls were definitely in an attention seeking mood! O.o

09-20-14_10-27 PM

09-20-14_10-28 PM

Tired of all the attention, Todd thought it best if he just went home and got treated to some nice sights!

09-20-14_10-29 PM

By the end of the week Todd’s carpentry skill had improved and his small garden was coming along nicely!

09-20-14_10-35 PM

09-23-14_9-45 PM

09-20-14_9-41 PM

Jake spent most of his time in work, his mixology skill is now at level two, so he threw a party to celebrate! He’s still getting on really well with Michelle!

09-20-14_10-40 PM

09-20-14_10-41 PM

09-23-14_9-28 PM

In the evening Michelle and Guadalupe came round autonomously, poor Guadalupe was still unable to catch Todd’s eye.

09-20-14_10-54 PM

09-20-14_10-52 PM

After paying their bill on Monday I left the boys fishing at the local stream.

09-20-14_10-48 PM

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