Blog: Todd and Jake Hunter (Round 1): Part 1

09-17-14_2-09 PM

The Hunter brothers moved to Oasis Springs because Todd wanted to focus on starting up his own business. Jake couldn’t miss the opportunity to meet some new faces: especially if those faces are female. They bought this trailer off a townie who was moving away (i.e. he got evicted to the townie bin).

09-17-14_2-09 PM-2

They don’t have much money left for furniture, but Todd calmly announced, ‘Don’t worry, I’ll MAKE us some!’

‘Suuuuuure…’ Jake replied sceptically, but he got his flaming Tiki bar so he was happy enough.

09-20-14_9-26 PM

09-20-14_9-22 PM-2

Jake had good reason to be sceptical, this was Todd’s first attempt at a horse sculpture:

09-20-14_9-25 PM

The boys spent their first evening fishing at the creek in Oasis Springs. I love these outdoor areas, they’re sprawling and fun to investigate! I hope that in future worlds these outdoor areas are a little larger, I think I could accept no open world then. I don’t even mind the loading screens when travelling between worlds and areas, I think it’s worth it to be able to add additional worlds and travel between them freely, more like in TS2! My sims are always hopping between Oasis Springs and Willow Creek! The only time that the loading screens REALLY bug me is when visiting another house/lot in the same area: my sim can be stood right outside another sims lot and as soon as they set foot on the lot, there is a loading screen! GRRRRRRRRR!!! Maybe they could add an option that lets all the lots in one area load at once, if our computers can handle it?

I do think the environment is very beautiful! The effects really help with the immersion: from swirling sand to glimmering moonlight on the water’s surface, I think they did a good job with this! I was hoping that fishing together would be a great bonding experience for the brothers, but I couldn’t seem to get them to chat at the same time. With all the multi-tasking sims can do, this was a little disappointing. ;_;

09-17-14_2-15 PM

09-17-14_2-18 PM

09-20-14_1-22 PM

Watching them fish made me laugh! Todd caught this massive glob of gunk (he threw it back) and then Jake reeled in… nothing! He looked so confused! ^.^ It got pretty late so they trudged home to bed. Jake was uncomfortable, which is why he looks so glum.

09-20-14_1-23 PM

09-20-14_1-24 PM

09-20-14_1-42 PM-2

09-20-14_1-43 PM

The next day, Jake wandered around the neighbourhood meeting… well… all the female neighbours at least! Michelle lives in the same area, he spotted her dancing in her living room and thought she would be his type of girl. He was right! They hit it off immediately since they both love joking around. Soon they both had the ‘playful’ emotion. Jake even autonomously changed seats so he could sit closer to her! It wasn’t long before they were both dancing wildly to pop music.

09-20-14_9-07 PM

09-20-14_9-09 PM-2

09-20-14_9-11 PM

09-20-14_9-14 PM-2

Being a bit more practical, Todd spent the morning improving his carpentry and planting a few plants to help with food costs.

09-20-14_9-22 PM-3

09-20-14_9-19 PM

By the evening, they’d met quite a few of their neighbours and decided to have a get-together at the bar in Oasis Springs!

09-20-14_9-44 PM

The bar was full of attentive ladies and the brothers seemed very pleased about it! Todd started dancing next to a pretty sim and they quickly hit it off! At the time I thought she was a townie (there is a townie who looks very similar) but it later turned out to be Georgia! No wonder they got on so well: they are both family-orientated! Todd gave her a red rose (don’t know where he got that from) and kissed her hand, he’s quite traditional.

‘Hey, check out my moves!’ (It made me laugh that he autonomously chose to wear his jogging bottoms, he looks so under-dressed!)

09-20-14_9-46 PM

09-20-14_9-46 PM-3

09-20-14_9-48 PM

Obviously he was doing SOMETHING right, he was quickly surrounded by admirers! Maybe he had that special kind of approachable, natural charm? I felt bad for the slightly geeky looking girl in the glasses and pink socks, ‘Guadalupe’? She kept walking past, giving him flirty looks, and dancing next to him. I think she was trying to catch his attention but he was totally fixed on Georgia.

09-20-14_10-03 PM

09-20-14_9-57 PM

Some flirty remarks about hoovers… *ahem* …and then Todd made his move! Sadly Georgia went home straight after the kiss. I guess she was tire from all that dancing!

09-20-14_10-08 PM

09-20-14_10-12 PM-2

09-20-14_10-14 PM

Jake wasted no time, quickly jumping into the spotlight! His jokes were rubbish but he had an appreciative audience.

09-20-14_9-46 PM-2

One of the sims in the audience was my sim, Liz, I will be playing her next. So took the opportunity to have them have a quick chat! Then Jake had to leave for work, it made me laugh that he looked so impressed with himself! And he gave Todd a knowing glance as he left. >.^

09-20-14_9-49 PM

09-20-14_9-50 PM

09-20-14_9-53 PM-2

Part 2 of Todd and Jake’s week will be coming soon!

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