Blog: Cheryl Landers (Round 1)

09-16-14_9-44 PM

Cheryl and her daughter Emma live in this little cottage in Willow Creek. I’m really happy with this house, I feel like I’m getting more confident with the build tools now. Unfortunately, Cheryl didn’t have enough money to fully furnish the house, so the kitchen/dining room still needs a bit of work.

09-16-14_9-43 PM

09-16-14_9-42 PM

09-16-14_10-00 PM

09-16-14_10-00 PM-2

09-16-14_10-01 PM

Cheryl is a stay-at-home mummy, she wants to be there when her daughter gets home from school each day. She makes a little money by selling paintings, and by selling flowers from her little garden. I really like how the easel charges money for buying the canvas now: some days Cheryl can’t afford the canvas, and therefore has to concentrate on the garden for a while. I really like how Cheryl helps Emma with her homework, and they chat while she gets on with her other jobs.

09-16-14_10-18 PM

09-16-14_10-49 PM

The multitasking in the game can be quite funny! XD

09-16-14_10-25 PM

During the day, while Emma is at school, I tend to send Cheryl out to look for the different types of flowers that are available in the game. I like how different plants grow in different areas. She currently has most of the basic plants: daisies, bluebells, etc. I’m looking forward to when she gets to start combining the plants to unlock new ones! She also found an interesting looking tree… O.o

09-16-14_10-06 PM

09-16-14_10-41 PM

09-16-14_10-22 PM

Not much really happened in Cheryl’s first week. It was a bit of a struggle keeping her happy because they were so short of money, and she was more concerned with making sure Emma was ok, than thinking about her own needs. Mostly, I was just impressed with how sweet the interactions are between an adult and child sim. The ‘express love’ interaction is adorable!

09-16-14_9-46 PM

09-16-14_9-45 PM

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